Does it seem like during this pandemic, gossip has gone so old school? For decades, one of the most well-known moves in celebrity PR was the Friday Dump. The idea is that you bury a story on a Friday afternoon, when people are checking out, in the hopes that people will be rushing to get their weekends started and forget about it by Monday. Or that at least it won’t be as much of a story by Monday. For Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers, they also got an unexpected assist from Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Armie and Elizabeth confirmed that they’re ending their marriage on Friday and it’s not like they were Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston to begin with (that was also a Friday Dump) but the Hammer story was completely avalanched by Red Table Talk


Did this come out of nowhere? Father’s Day wasn’t too long ago and on social media Armie and Elizabeth gave the appearance that things were fine. But there have been whispers about how solid they really were for a while – I just don’t think people cared enough to deep dive. And, of course, we may now want to take another look at the video that Armie posted at the beginning of June, because it may have new meaning. Remember this? 

At the time, it wasn’t a great look, like in pandemic terms, and Armie often doesn’t look great on social media. But now, with the beer and the golf and the douchebaggery maybe that was about an entirely new lifestyle, a solo lifestyle, Hammer solo style. 


Armie Hammer is only 33 years old. He and Elizabeth have been married ten years, together for three before that. Look at this throwback photo – they’re babies!

That’s almost half of his life. And a formative part of his life. Basically all of his 20s. Which means there could be some delayed wildness. This may be reading into that golf video a little too much but Armie’s not leaving this marriage in mid-life, 33 is young. And he’s already, you know, shown us what his personality can be when he’s not single. What’s Armie Hammer going to be like on his own? What is his Twitter going to be like on his own?