Laura Dern’s walking shoe

Lainey posted photos of Bradley Cooper and Laura Dern out for a walk and I received an inquiry about her sneakers. These are Loewe Flow Runner and come in a bunch of different colours (Laura’s exact combo is sold out). 


Loewe has shot up in popularity thanks to its bags, sunglasses and sneakers and I think part of that is because most of their products are not branded with a name or super symbol. It is recongizable to those who already know it but it’s not like GUCCI or LV plastered on everything. If you are really into sneakers, Loewe recently partnered with ON, the “bouncy shoes” (as I call them) that everyone seems to be wearing right now. Every time I’m at the airport I’m amazed at home many pairs of ON sneakers I spot.

Oh and about the Loewe’s we came here for – the Flow Runner. They kind of look like Asics/Onitsuka Tiger to me and I love an old-school sneaker. I have a pair of the Mexico 66 in red and they’ve lasted for years. 

And since we are on sneakers and collaborations, Taylor Swift wore the New Balance/GANNI sneakers. I dig them, I think? But I guess it doesn’t matter what I think because they are nearly sold out with very limited sizes left. 


All of this comes together with the Eras Tour – Laura was there, with bracelets. (Thanks Mary!)


Leather and shearling is back… again

It’s hard to quantify the absolute grip the leather-and-shearling jackets had on fashion in the mid aughts (I’m pinpointing it around 2012, but my memory is fuzzy). And it didn’t last for one season because leather jackets are not cheap, the are definitely an investment piece. Last week a friend sent me this divine Victoria Beckham coat and I love the structure and oversize cut – it’s pretty special. But it got me thinking about the leather and shearling mix. Is it back? Are we going to be wearing it with skinnies and Rachel Comey ankle boots again?

Emma Roberts posted her Britney book reveal wearing a Mackage jacket. Mackage is a Canadian line (I’ve had a few of their coats and really liked the quality) so now we’ve got two brands – a very upscale line and a cool streetwear line. That led me to find a bunch more, from Acne, Sandro, Toteme, Khaite – this style of jacket is back, without a doubt. But one thing to note is that it is less fitted than previous styles and the shape is more exaggerated (like this one from Martine Rose). And the price points are high but leather is expensive and if treated right, can last a lifetime. 


The caveat here is if you want this to be your forever coat. If so, the price tag might be worth it but if there’s any uncertainty then think twice. Coat regret can linger for years. 


Busy Philipps’s necklace (one of many)

Requests for Busy Philipps are always in my inbox and I think part of the reason is that she’s still pretty active on social media as herself, whereas a lot of celebrities have pulled back and only show promotional images. That makes the fashion a lot less interesting for the most part. The clothes we see her in on Instagram are the clothes she wears and she has great style. I believe the necklace she is wearing here is Scarpa. Not inexpensive by any means but also a good alternative to the Foundrae, which is seems like everyone wears now (even Housewives).