WAG cargo jeans


I don’t follow football but when I received an email asking to identify Brittany Mahomes’s jeans, I was like kind of excited because wow does she get a lot of flack on social media (mostly from other women). People are big mad that she’s not humble, that she uses “we” to describe when her husband wins (like “we won!”) and a bunch of the typical bullsh-t motherhood stuff. (Yes, I know she sprayed champagne on fans.)

But also… people call her a gold digger and claim she baby trapped Patrick and that “her meal ticket is coming to an end.” This is an incredibly odd angle, even for misogynists, because they’ve been together since high school, have two kids (she trapped him twice?) and are married. She somehow magically tricked him into being together… since they were teens. They went to prom together. They had dogs before they had children (did she puppy trap him?). She also has posted on Instagram that she’s not on birth control. Presumably, Patrick knows where babies come from and how to check her Instagram stories.


Also, anyone who thinks that being married to a professional athlete is an easy life is, I think, mistaken. Months of travel, threat of injury, professional pressure, mental pressure, the constant stream of “extracurriculars” for many… and that’s while they are playing. Retirement usually isn’t so sweet either (see: Tom Brady). 

Anyway, back to her jeans with the many pockets. They are GRLFND Lex cargo in Rio Grande.

Fleishman keeps giving me trouble

Another week, another Fleishman question. Are new episodes still airing? I need some peace! This ask was attainable – a jumpsuit worn by Lizzy Caplan. It is Rivet Utility.

Lizzy Caplan in Fleishman Is In Trouble

(I know there’s a request for a dress worn by Claire Danes, I’m on that too!)

Dita’s classic ballet flats


A reader requested Dita Von Teese’s strappy ballet flats and I immediately thought “custom” because she has several pair of Louboutins made just for her. But it’s way deeper than that because I found photos that are dated 2012 and she’s wearing these same shoes. Keeping the same piece for over a decade is a sign of a good taste and a person who knows herself. Clearly, she takes care of her favourite things so she can wear them for years. I love that.

This is a specific style, so I’m offering two very different price points: Jessica Simpson ballet flats and the Mansur Gavriel square toe Mary Janes

Let’s blame Lainey

A few readers wrote in about Lainey’s post on Simone Ashley’s jeans. They said to blame her, so I will! Just kidding, these jeans are great and in season. SLVRLAKE Blue London Pintuck Jeans – I’m pretty sure these are it because of the front and back seam.


Lainey also posted about a jacket worn by Florence Pugh’s new special friend, Charlie Gooch. It’s a vintage Far East Tour dragon jacket and there are a few options online – some are even monogrammed. 

The boat & tote

Adam Driver is in everything but still manages to maintain a private life and doesn’t even use social media. But I saw these photos in Page Six and it gives me a chance to talk about the L.L. Bean Boat & Tote. This tote is one of those items, like a Saint James Breton shirt or Birkenstocks, that is highly imitated. Get the real thing, not because of the name brand, but because of the options for customization (yes you can monogram), value and quality. The more wear and tear, the better this bag looks.