Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas haven’t been seen together yet in 2021. She was in Cuba for New Year’s, still wearing the gifts he gave her, but of course there have been no dog walks, no coffee runs, and even though they’d gone quiet before, like when she joined him in Ireland when he was shooting The Last Duel at the end of last summer, speculation had been growing about their relationship and now…it’s official. Because PEOPLE is reporting it: Ben and Ana are over.


"Ben is no longer dating Ana," a source tells PEOPLE. "She broke it off. Their relationship was complicated. Ana doesn't want to be Los Angeles based and Ben obviously has to since his kids live in Los Angeles."

"This is something that was mutual and something that is completely amicable," another source close to Affleck and de Armas adds. "They are in different points in their lives; there is deep love and respect there. Ben continues to want to work on himself. He has three jobs lined up and he’s a solid father at home. They are both happy with where they are in their lives."

Maybe this is why Matt Damon was over so much the last few weeks. But it’s interesting that the source was so clear here on who did the breaking – “she broke it off”, and doesn’t want to be LA-based, even though PEOPLE was reporting as recently as December that Ana had moved in with Ben. That said, they’re at different points in their careers. Ana is just getting started, she has several high-profile projects on the way that were paused because of the pandemic. And, well, the fact is she 100% became more of a household name by association with him. Perhaps, more and more, that was no longer working for her…understandably; most people would want to take their own credit for their own spotlight. 


Still, they met on the set of a movie. Not too long ago they were kissing on a balcony on reshoots for that movie. And they will have to promote that movie eventually. Deep Water is currently scheduled to open in August. A lot can change in seven months. 

Like… she’s going to be working with Chris Evans again soon. There’s a Knives Out sequel planned but also, she and Chris are starring together alongside Ryan Gosling in The Gray Man for Netflix. Shooting was supposed to begin this month. Can you imagine? 

That recent haircut though takes on new meaning now, doesn’t it? Haircuts: more or less gossip-accurate than ring-watch or bump-watch?