Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been shooting on location recently – he’s been in Austin and she’s filming in Vancouver – so they’re apart during the week and, for the last few weeks, they’ve been reuniting on weekends. For two weeks in a row, their reunions have also involved work. Last week it was The Tender Bar screening in LA, and this weekend it was The Last Duel premiere in New York. 


I’ll take any and all Bennifer content. I’ll take the candids and I’ll take the carpet shots. As we’ve been seeing, they’ve been leaning into their… Bennifer-ness, seemingly comfortable with all the attention and leveraging it to their professional advantage. Right now, there’s an Oscar nomination up for grabs. 

Before this week, it was thought that his better chance was in George Clooney’s The Tender Bar. Now that The Last Duel has screened in New York though, there are a lot of critics who are big on his performance, noting that he steals every scene that he’s in – especially impressive considering his co-stars in the film (Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, Adam Driver). So it could end up being that even if he’s nominated for one or the other, both performances, given that they’re basically coming back-to-back will be taken into account in the minds of Oscar voters, on top of what he delivered in The Way Back last year, playing a man in recovery and mirroring his own life. 


And that brings us back to familiar territory: the Ben Affleck fame cycle. Whereas JLo typically operates on a steady level – always high, she’s always on top – with few dips and changes in momentum, Ben Affleck’s fame shape is more hills and valleys. There are always dips and rises. We are on the upswing right now. He’s on the climb. He’s on the climb with JLo. That too is the JLo Effect

What a difference 17 years makes, non? In his mind, for a long time, he saw that period of his life, when they were first together, as contributing to some of his lows. And now? She’s like a super-boost. Look at her looking at him (second shot in the carousel)…


….while we look at her.

As The Guardian just declared, cleavage is over and we are in the age of abs right now. If that’s true (it’s not in my closet), JLo is right on trend. 


With the brown too. She was feeling the brown this weekend as she and Ben stepped out of their hotel. But do we think he shot this video?

Also attached – Matt and Luciana Damon. We don’t have shots of them with Bennifer but they would have all hung out at the after-party. They still haven’t given up that official double date money shot yet…but I feel like it’s coming?