When we last checked on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, they were in New York, having spent part of the weekend there before packing up for Georgia, which is where they are now. It’s their wedding reception weekend. It was leaked a few weeks ago, following their marriage in Las Vegas, that Bennifer was reportedly planning a celebration at Ben’s estate and here we are. Bennifer and their children were seen shopping in Savannah yesterday, and PEOPLE spoke to a shoppe owner who talked about how “clearly in love” the two seemed


Apparently this will be a three-day event. A rehearsal dinner is happening tonight, the ceremony is tomorrow, and on Sunday there’s a barbecue or something – which seems kinda standard for celebrity weddings. It was similar when Justin and Hailey Bieber had their wedding in South Carolina. And also when Jennifer Lawrence married Cooke Maroney in Rhode Island. Same goes for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in France. You invite people to fly out somewhere, you host them for three days. 

But who, like in addition to their families? 

Jay Shetty will be officiating the ceremony as he and JLo have been friends for a while and he hangs out all the time with celebrities anyway. Matt Damon is rumoured to be on the guest list and also Drea de Matteo. And I can’t imagine Leah Remini wouldn’t be invited. 


All of this will supposedly be documented in Vogue because JLo is supposedly wearing Ralph Lauren so we don’t have to be curious for too long, although I’m kinda disappointed that Vogue is covering the wedding and not ON THE JLO because …come on…there’s something a little messy about the ON THE JLO posts that really do it for the gossip. 

But you know what I keep thinking about? Specifically WHERE this is happening? Ben was trying to unload this property for a while and couldn’t sell. Even as recently as when he was dating Ana de Armas. He couldn’t have known then that this was a possibility and now look what’s happened. A place we first associated with him during Bennifer 1.0 is now the site of the wedding reception for Bennifer 2.0. If someone had bought it, they’d be doing this somewhere else. I bet you they look into each other’s eyes and talk about this all the time, something something about “it was meant to happen”. You know it’s corny like that!