Today in Holy Sh*t Random But Awesome News, Warner Brothers is planning a sequel to the bonkers assassin movie, The Accountant. This is the “so dumb it’s fun” movie in which Ben Affleck plays an autistic assassin who does math on the windows because he’s a super-genius who can’t be contained. It’s also the movie that features an ACCOUNTING MONTAGE, which is the most bizarre montage ever included in a movie. The Accountant is f*cking stupid. The Accountant is great.

So of course I’m all in on the sequel. According to Deadline, the original creative team including Affleck, director Gavin O’Connor, writer Bill Dubuque, and producers Lynette Howell Taylor and Mark Williams are all in talks for the sequel. If you love The Accountant—which you should, get right with the world—this is all good news. Also good news: Jon Bernthal will probably return as well. He was part of that sequel-baiting ending, so it figures he’d be part of the expansion pack, too, but he is ever more in demand, so his schedule must be kind of tough.

Can’t be as tough as Affleck’s, though. Will The Accountant 2 be before or after the solo Batman movie? And before or after the next Justice League outing? Do we have to wait till 2022 for Math-Man, or will they slide this in before either The Batman or Justice League 2? I say this as someone who likes Affleck’s take on Batman: I want The Accountant 2 as soon as you can give it to me. We know what a Batman movie is. We don’t know what the sequel to an irresistible movie about an autistic superhero assassin is. I’m really hoping it involves at least one montage of Math-Man solving equations on windows.

Possible titles for The Accountant 2 include:

The Accountant 2: Red Ledger
The Accountant 2: Trial Balance
The Accountant 2: Payable Payback
Math-Man Returns

If this movie doesn’t have a ludicrous subtitle, I will be SO disappointed.