I put a question mark behind that because I don’t know yet that it’s an official “glow-up”. So can we call it a “glow-up in progress”? I posted the other day about Ben Affleck and how tidy he looked on his night out with Lindsay Shookus last weekend. Check him out yesterday, in good spirits, even with the paps around, wearing a smart camel coat over jeans, out in LA for a meeting. For women, we talk often about how clothes can reflect a mood, or change a mood, or project a mood. Clothing can help us feel more confident, maybe even more determined. People who work from home often talk about going through the same process of getting dressed, in work clothes, even though they’re not going anywhere, just to get them in a certain mindset. Not sure if this is what Ben is doing but it can’t be a gendered thing – of course it would matter in the same way, of course it would affect perspective and mood in the same way. Given too that Ben is not a stranger to getting papped, and has been papped several times this week already, perhaps he’s also trying to send us a message: I feel good so I look good. 

Ben’s latest, Triple Frontier, opens in select theatres and is available to stream on Netflix on March 13. Premiere will be happening soon. He’ll be there with Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal. It’s not just women who want to shine on red carpets, right? Perhaps Ben’s looking to hold his own with all those costars. I’m not mad at that. It would seem that Ben’s personal and professional lives are finally lining up again. His work flow is picking up and he and Jennifer Garner have found a new normal. They’re getting on great, he’s seeing Lindsay again, and she’s slowly taking her new relationship with John Miller public, photographed out for dinner the other night at Giorgio Baldi. Giorgio Baldi is not low profile. If they wanted to go for dinner without getting papped, Giorgio Baldi would not be at the top of that list. I asked you this before and no one responded – you really don’t think he looks like Michael Vartan from far away if you’re squinting?