I didn’t notice and now that the Fug Girls have pointed it out, it’s probably going to be all that I notice – which is that Ben Platt is in his western era? And … I’m not mad at it. He looks good in khaki. And I don’t even mind him in the leather set. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I have not watched the new Wham! documentary on Netflix yet because last week the priority was Beyoncé so I’m saving the film for this weekend and in the meantime I can’t get enough of all the Wham! content that’s been popping up online including this piece by Brooke Pollock ranking Wham! songs and arriving at, yes, a very clear #1. Pretty sure we all agree on that one. As for the placement of “Careless Whisper”? How dare you, Brooke! (The Mary Sue)

Oh poor Prince Andrew! He might not get to go to Balmoral this summer because his big brother, the king, has extended the tourist schedule for the property and that means Andy might not get to have the run of the place. (Cele|bitchy) 

“And I miss you… like the deserts miss the rain” – you just read the words and immediately you can hear the song, right? “Missing” is one of those songs for me. I will never, ever have to search for the melody in my mind, it’ll always be right there. “Missing” was by Everything But The Girl and they have a new song. (OMG Blog) 


Counting down to the release of Jungkook’s new single “Seven”. As I wrote last week, actress Han So Hee was cast in the video – which is notable because we’ve never really seen any BTS members with love interests in their music videos. And now here’s the teaser and they’re in a restaurant having an argument….meaning they’re playing a couple, right? Breakup and makeup vibes! But also another big reveal: LATTO is on the track! (Soompi)