We have been getting a LOT of emails today about the same thing: Ellen Pompeo’s The Hollywood Reporter cover story in which, OMG holy f-ck, f-ck holy, sh-t sh-t sh-t, Christ Jesus, she burns it alllll down. Thank you for writing to Duana and me about this and requesting it for Show Your Work. It IS Show Your Work. It’s everything that Show Your Work was ever intended to be. So. We are dedicating an entire episode of the podcast to Ellen Pompeo and this interview and we’re adjusting our podcast schedule to honour Ellen because, my GOD she brought it. The new episode will be recorded tomorrow night and posted on Friday, in time for the weekend. If you have questions then, or want to have your comments included during the podcast, SEND THEM! We cannot wait to talk about it! Oh, and if you haven’t ready, read it

This woman. Betty White. 96 years old! Ballsy and adorable and better comedic timing than Justin Timberlake can ever manage. Here’s another reason to love Betty White: hot dogs, she’s super into them. I’m obsessed with hot dogs, like ballpark style. You want the cheap bread. You don’t want a hot dog weiner that’s too thick. Because it’s impossible to eat and, besides, ballpark style hotdogs make for the perfect hot dog bite. It’s the right amount of bread per meat with toppings. (Dlisted) 

I like this dress on Issa Rae. I almost liked it a lot. The sequin combination and colour is great. I’m all over the high collar. It’s not tight but it still has great shape. But… that rope belt. I don’t get it. I don’t get why there had to be a belt at all. The outfit could have been built with the blousing at the waist without a belt. What does that particular belt add, really? By the way? The other not-so-great part of this outfit is that it’s an outfit and a not a dress. If you check shots of it from behind, the sequined area is a wrap that goes on top of a black skirt, or something. Way to complicated. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Last year, it was established that Kaia Gerber is an excellent runway walker. There is no disputing this. Still, it hasn’t even been a full year. I’d like to see her walk a few more runways before she starts designing clothes. Because I don’t actually know what “Kaia Gerber’s style” is. Do you? Is there a signature look that comes to mind? When I say Kate Moss, you can picture Kate Moss style. When I say …wait. I can’t come up with another model that would apply in this situation. Kate’s style really is that much of a standout. And also, models wear all kinds of clothes, representing all kinds of styles. Which might be why it’s so hard to nail down a “look” for Kaia, especially right now at this point in her career. (Cele|bitchy) 

I had to take this Ryan Gosling quiz. How could I not? I love a quiz and I think I know his work. Pretty sure I’ve seen every single one of Ryan Gosling’s movies. Which is why I got a perfect score. Also the quiz isn’t hard. But there is a sort of tricky question. Obviously not the one that’s Notebook related. Seriously, who would get that wrong? (Buzzfeed) 

Conde Nast is auctioning off many of the dresses and suits worn at the Golden Globes in support of TIME’s UP. Go through the list and tell me what you would bid on. Let’s say top 3. Here are mine from first to third: Isabelle Huppert’s Chloe, Saoirse Ronan in Versace, and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Monse. You? (The Cut)   

This link is Very Not Safe For Work. Vince Sant is a “fitness guru and author”. Have you ever heard of him? Like, I’m not complaining. But I wish I didn’t have to see his armpit hair. I hate armpit hair, on everyone. Why can’t it be standard for men to also shave their armpit hair? (OMG Blog)