We’re not yet on a first name/one name basis with Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. Of the genetically-gifted models with famous parents, she’s not at the Gigi or Kendall level yet – even though she modelled in her first campaign for Versace at 10 years old. Kaia Gerber will probably always live in the shadow of her mom because her mom is Cindy f-cking Crawford but she made her NYFW debut at the Calvin Klein show last week, opened the Alexander Wang show a few days later and yesterday, WWD wrote that she’s having a “unanimously major moment.

Yesterday, I wrote about Gigi’s supermodel walk. It’s solid. But I crowned Teyana Taylor as the queen of the 2017 catwalk. Teyana’s title still stands but after that post, a few of you emailed me about Kaia Gerber’s walk. One reader wrote, “This girl is a CHILD, but damn....she can WALK.” Kaia is 16. She’s a baby. And she’s basically a carbon copy of her mother so it’s an understatement to say that there is PRESSURE for her to slay the runway. Maybe I’m an asshole but the cynic in me kind of wanted her to suck. She’s 16! She’s clearly benefitted from nepotism in her industry. She’s ridiculously beautiful solely because of the fact that she was born so in a fair and just world, she wouldn’t have it all. Well, unfortunately, her walk doesn’t suck. This is the video from the Alexander Wang show that everyone online is freaking out over and I can’t hate on it.

First, it is not easy to exit a vehicle gracefully. Not only does Kaia float down those steps flawlessly, she then transitions straight into a bouncy, effortless, holy-sh*t-this-girl-is-a-star walk. When she hits her stride at the 9 second mark, I actually said, “OK!” out loud to no one. She’s hitting that sh-t so beautifully that in comparison Suki Waterhouse looks like your drunk friend stumbling down the street trying and failing to look cute and sober. Seriously, I am embarrassed for Suki in the background of this video.

Anyway, according to the mentions under that clip, Kaia’s walk is a signature ‘90s supermodel strut. I just went down a YouTube hole watching videos of Cindy Crawford’s walk and it kills me to say this but, I think Kaia’s may be better. Are we fighting?

GQ has christened Kaia as the “new face in town” and “the girl who has taken over fashion's collective Instagram feed for the last 72 hours.” How long before Kaia Gerber is dating Shawn Mendes or some other age-appropriate celeb and dominating headlines instead of just Twitter timelines?