As Maria mentioned in Celebrity Social Media the other day there’s a new Ivy Park drop – the Halls of Ivy, holiday themed but also Ivy League themed. Houndstooth is a big print in the collection and, well, it’s like my Queen is speaking directly to me because Maria actually called this out back in September about me, that my “signature print” is houndstooth, and it’s true. I wear a lot of houndstooth, and this new drop hits me right where I live. 


That said, the big initial takeaway here from this promo video is not necessarily the clothes but who’s featured in them. There are professional athletes, celebrities as usual, but also a lot of focus on famous children of celebrities. The most notable, of course, being the Blue Ivy Carter and her little sister, Rumi, now four years old (!) and looking so much like Blue did when she was the same age. 

Beyoncé with daughters Rumi and Blue in Halls of Ivy promo video

Rumi and her twin brother Sir haven’t been as publicly facing as Blue was during the early part of her childhood. Beyoncé doesn’t show their faces too often, so this is definitely giving the Hive a lot to get jacked about, and just in time for December 9 when Halls of Ivy’s is available to shop – if you’re still working on your gift list, both for others and yourself. 


Natalia Bryant, daughter of Kobe and Vanessa, is also featured in the video. The Carters and the Bryants have been friends for a long time. Beyoncé was seated very close to Vanessa at Kobe’s memorial service and opened the ceremony with one his favourite songs, “XO”. Their friendship has never been super public but they’re obviously quite close in private; for Natalia, who is now 18, Beyoncé has probably been around for most of life – she’s her auntie. 

And Reese Witherspoon’s kids, Ava and Deacon Phillippe are also included. Reese has been on Beyoncé’s “list” for a while now. She’s one of the celebrities who gets Ivy Park sent to her in rolling racks before everyone else. She was also sent a case of Jay-Z’s champagne, Ace of Spades, after the Golden Globes when the Carters arrived with their own, and Reese went over to ask if she could have some. By the way, re Ace of Spades, I’ve never had any. But I did buy a bottle as a congratulatory gift for someone last year and it comes in the most beautiful case. Not cheap, can’t tell you how it tastes, but it’s great on presentation. 


Back to Beyoncé and Reese though, and B inviting Reese’s kids to model for her…

You know where my mind went? To another blonde Oscar winner who is (was?) close to B and who also has kids around the same age – Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on that friendship but, you know, could you imagine G saying no to Beyoncé if Beyoncé asked her children to be in an Ivy Park ad?