Page Six reports that Beyoncé took over a studio in the Hamptons, where she’s been the last few weeks with Jay-Z and their kids, to film …something. Obviously nobody knows what. It could be a video. It could be a PSA. It could be a ten-hour miniseries. Apparently she was there for four days and those who had already pre-booked the venue were asked to reschedule. Page Six is trying to make it sound like she woke them up in the middle of the night and evicted them. Please. If I was asked to cancel something to convenience Beyoncé, I would hand my life over and say, do as you wish. Which is pretty much what one of the people who had to move their shoot around did too. 


“One of the people told to scram happened to be a Page Six favorite, socialite Jean Shafiroff, who shoots her show there every week. We’re told she usually tapes “Successful Philanthropy” mid-week, but got an e-mail telling her that her slot had been shifted to Friday.

Shafiroff said, “I love Beyoncé, so I was happy to give her my time at the studio. I canceled my guest and I’m interviewing her this week instead.”

That is correct. 

Although now that it’s out there that B took over the studio, she might just scrap whatever it was she was doing or make us wait even longer to find out. It is not our place to know. It is only our place to receive. 


Tomorrow is Beyoncé’s birthday. It’s my favourite day. Of course because we celebrate the Queen but also because everyone else celebrates the Queen. Beyoncé is the celebrity for celebrities. When it’s about Beyoncé every other celebrity becomes just like us, a loyal subject. And the reaction to her birthday from celebrities is its own entertainment. 

Did you see how Zendaya reacted to Beyoncé wishing her happy birthday earlier this week (September 1)? 

That is also correct. 

Back to Beyoncé day tomorrow though, here at LaineyGossip we’re calling it a holiday. It’s the Friday before Labour Day long weekend. We all need a break. We’re posting all day today but heads up we are dark tomorrow and Monday and returning to regular gossip schedule on Tuesday.