TikTok has seen many different celebrities join its pool of users, but Beyoncé has made her arrival on the app, and lots of people have a strong feeling it means she is finally coming back with some new music. 


Since she’s Beyoncé, at the time of this writing, she already has over 169,000 followers with no posts (she’s over 660K as of this morning and still no posts). Back in August, she said to Harper’s Bazaar that she has been working on new stuff in the studio, so this is just another signal of her arrival. There are also some reports saying that a Beyoncé album is expected in the first quarter of 2022. But there’s no official announcement from her team yet. It feels mysterious and cool, and we all know how mystery creates the most hype. 

The thing about Beyoncé joining that makes it so exciting is that she’s BEYONCÉ. It’s as if her joining has given TikTok the validation it deserves in the celebrity world—especially since TikTok has shown its power. We just saw how TikTok resulted in a music video dropping just this week for a song called “Title” by Meghan Trainor that was released six years ago because it went viral on the app. With that kind of driving power, it would only make sense for celebrities to take advantage of it—no matter how “cringey” it may seem to some. 


This may be a sign that her new music might be more mainstream because TikTok is known for that. But Beyoncé doesn’t need TikTok to go viral. We’ve already seen evidence of that with how she quietly joined the app and has already caused such a stir. My biggest curiosity with all of this is how she will approach the use of the app. I’ve always said that the power of celebrities using it comes when the celebrity goes along with the TikTok culture. Over-produced content on the app doesn’t do as well as the videos that are made to be just like all the other non-celebrity videos. Of course, there has to be some sort of pizzazz that makes the viewer feel like they’re watching something from a celebrity, but overall, the best creations come from celebrities doing trends that have already been created by non-celebs. If Beyoncé recognizes that and goes with it, maybe we’ll see her doing the same TikTok dances we all know. With that will come people making TikTok dances and trends with her new music, which she could also hop on, and create a viral moment of many. 

On the other hand, Beyoncé is one of those people that would be able to run the app and do whatever she wants and make it viral. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the celebrity that is able to create viral trends on her own that everyone will follow.

Maybe this is a sign that we will get a closer relationship with Queen B like we haven’t seen before. I’m sensing dance videos in her living room, glam session lip-synching, and maybe even some content with her family and loved ones. However, Beyoncé has always been kind of mysterious, and it has *obviously* worked amazingly for her, so we’ll have to see how she takes this new chapter on TikTok.