We celebrated the Queen’s birthday on September 4. I love Beyoncé’s birthday, because her existence is monumental, but also because it’s a worldwide holiday marked by people worldwide. I call it Trooping the Colour for social media. Have you seen Kalen Allen’s birthday tribute to Bey? Beyoncé perched on a virtual balcony and watched this happen in her honour.  


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Beyoncé publicly thanked Kalen for the effort. And now she’s thanking the rest of us for loving her. In a message posted to her website last night, the Queen let us to know that she appreciates our commitment to her and rewarded our loyalty by opening up the Beyoncé Archive and gifting us with a shipment of new photos titled “Your B at 37”, commemorating the year that was, generously labelled by the occasion – be it a lunch in Beverly Hills, or in Sardinia, or during a recording session in the studio, or at her office, or a birthday party; most of these outings and outfits we previously knew nothing about. So she’s also flexing that what we see is, literally, just what she allows us to see. So much happens in Beyoncé’s life that we’re never aware of until she makes us aware. She knows exactly how to pop our heads off. 

There are SO MANY shots. The one getting the most attention, of course, is the one where she’s dressed up as Lisa Bonet holding the twins, Rumi and Sir. 

My favourite from this birthday package is not actually a photo but the letter she wrote to us to commend our service. I’m taking it personally, obviously, along with the millions of others on the planet who are treasuring it personally and framing it to put on their walls. 


“I would have posted earlier but I had work to do.”

This bitch and her f-cking understatement! We’ve seen her work all year between Homecoming, the film and album, The Lion King, the film and album, and… 

Is there more coming, OMG. Is there more coming!? 

“I gotta job baaaaby.”

The Queen knows how to check the Hive. If you know, you know.