It was just announced a couple of weeks ago, when her Harper’s Bazaar cover story was released, that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are partnering with Tiffany & Co for their new campaign and overall new brand strategy after being acquired by LVMH and now under the stewardship of Alexandre Arnault


These are the first images of the Carters and Tiffany…and as you can see, it is a new era for Tiffany indeed. 


Beyoncé is wearing the famous Tiffany Yellow Diamond, the largest known yellow diamond in the world. Perhaps even more rare though – the Carters are posed alongside Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Equals Pi, a work that has never been shown to the public. You can see why Tiffany spent the money to feature it though; that colour is unmistakably associated with the brand. And yet, the brand has never looked like this before. 

Mason Poole, who has collaborated often with the Carters, shot the stills and a short film, ABOUT LOVE, directed by Emmanuel Adjei, who worked with B on Black is King, and shot in part by Jay, will be released in September, including B’s rendition of “Moon River”, which of course was featured in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 


In addition to all that, as part of the campaign, Tiffany has pledged a $2 million donation to historically Black colleges and universities. 

As I wrote when the Carters’ deal with Tiffany & Co was first announced, this for Beyoncé and Jay-Z is more than just cash, more than just business – they are billionaires, they don’t need to do anything purely for the money anymore. With Beyoncé especially, it’s about intention. The Carters are now the first couple of one of the most iconic American luxury brands, a brand that has always been super white. And they are making it Black. 

Just in time for… Virgo Season!


Today is the first day of Virgo Season, always an occasion for the Queen who is approaching her Ruby Jubilee on September 4. To kick off Virgo Season, B posted a Virgo yearbook on her website. You know why BTS’s ARMY is freaking out? Because Jungkook is in the class!

JK’s birthday is on September 1, so this is an early birthday present. He’s been blessed by the Queen herself.