Dear Gossips,

Beyoncé’s favourite number is 4. Yesterday April 4, 4/4, was also the Carters’ wedding anniversary. She celebrated by making a major announcement: a creative partnership with adidas, what she called the “partnership of a lifetime”, and what the New York Times said is “perhaps the most notable partnership between a superstar and a sports brand yet”. As part of the deal, there will be a new Beyoncé signature collection, there will be footwear, and Ivy Park will be relaunched and expanded, but remain under her ownership, which gives you an indication of her negotiating power. How good she is at her job. As noted in the press release

This partnership respects Beyoncé's ownership of her company which continues her journey as one of the first black women to be the sole owner of an athleisure brand. 

Basically adidas is putting money in a label that they don’t get to have their name on in exchange for the privilege of working with her in other areas. Needless to say, all the major athletic companies would have wanted a similar situation – adidas stock value went up yesterday after the announcement – and she met with almost all of them. If you want some insight on how she made her decision, watch below: 

Of course this partnership is about money. But if it was *just* about money, she wouldn’t be asking about representation. What she’s doing with this adidas collaboration is an extension of the message of inclusion and empowerment that has shaped the artistic vision of her career. 

OK so… how much longer do we have to wait? I want to see this sneaker, the Bey1, or whatever it’s going to be called. Think about how smart it was when she released her Beychella merch, her own sorority gear, her own logo, with the font and the lettering and the everything, BΔK. Now with adidas money behind her, her creative genius has a much bigger budget and canvas. Get your money ready. 

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