Here are photos from the set of It: Chapter 2, showing Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Clown. Last year, after It came out, the internet developed a thirst for Pennywise because the internet has both notoriously awful taste (I don’t care how well Kayleigh Donaldson puts it, Thanos is a genocidal nutjob and a Bad Crush Object) and too much time on its hands. Let’s be very clear: Pennywise is NOT HOT. Pennywise is some kind of spider-alien-demon with a penchant for clowns and Elizabethan fashion. He is NOT HOT. He is, in fact, super gross. He has horrible dental hygiene and a tendency to drool and his hair is ludicrous. Again: NOT HOT.

Bill Skarsgard, however, is VERY HOT. I TOTALLY understand the thirst for Bill Skarsgard. Watching Castle Rock is an exercise in balancing my crush on Bill Skarsgard against the fact that he is playing Obviously The Devil. I shouldn’t be rooting for his character, because he is Obviously The Devil, but Bill Skarsgard has such big puppy eyes. (It is really brilliant casting because he evokes such sympathy for his character, who is Obviously The Devil and everyone is going to die.) If the internet was thirsting after Obviously The Devil, I would 100% be on board, but I cannot support thirsting for Pennywise. Look at him. He has Bozo hair and an adult diaper. Develop standards, Internet.