It was about a month ago, at the Michael Kors presentation during NY Fashion Week, that Blake Lively and Emily Blunt stepped out for the first time together in public as BFFs, arriving together and holding hands going into the presentation. Last night they stepped out again in support of Stanley Tucci’s new film, Final Portrait. Stanley is married to Felicity Blunt, Emily’s sister. 

Afterwards, Blake and Emily were seen leaving together with Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski. This is, like, dream casting. Look at them. They’re all around the same height. They’re all around the same build. Somewhere out there, Tom Hiddleston is asking himself how he let this slip away. He could have been part of this. He was too thirsty to be a part of this. How long before Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are part of this? For Gossip Nostalgia, can we please just revisit this photo? 

Pretty sure we’re not going to be seeing any of that from Emily and John. The game here is more subtle. 

John’s film, A Quiet Place, which he wrote and directed and stars in, with Emily, will be released in a couple of weeks. The second trailer for Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool 2 dropped yesterday. So, of course, they’re all there to support family and friends. Of course, of course. But it also doesn’t hurt to be visible right now either. Good timing all around. 

And now these four have given gossip a new double best friend couple to be obsessed about. Like Gwyneth Paltrow-Ben Affleck-Winona Ryder-Matt Damon. Updated. But with less drama. Until someone steals a script off a coffee table and wins an Oscar for it. Which turned out to be an urban legend… but still. That rumour was in the Gossip Hall Of Fame for a long, long time.