Yesterday, I described one of Blake Lively’s outfits as “P.T. Barnum meets Tuxedo Mask”. Now she’s just fully cosplaying as Willy Wonka walking around New York City with a literal cane. At first I thought that she was campaigning to play the Penguin in the next Batman movie but the backstory on Blake’s fashion cane is that she is channeling her director Paul Feig, a “noted cane enthusiast".  Rich people need hobbies too. Paul’s style apparently inspired the look of Blake’s character in A Simple Favor and she’s been dressing in homage to that aesthetic throughout this press tour. 

I’m all about committing to a LEWK but would it be less annoying if Blake didn’t change into another budget Janelle Monae outfit every two blocks? Blake had more outfit changes than Mariah Carey on vacation and while I, shockingly, don’t hate some of them in theory, every look is ruined by Blake Lively’s extra. She does the multiple outfit change thing every time she has a press tour. It’s an unsubtle reminder that she doesn’t have a stylist. Hey, when was the last time Blake Lively mentioned she didn’t have a stylist? Probably around the same time she and Ryan Reynolds reminded us that they are married. 

Blake Lively doesn’t have bad style sense necessarily but her A Simple Favor press tour is great promo for all the celebrity stylists out there. She needed someone to tell her that the green pants look didn’t need the cane, the matching earring AND the over-the-top shoes. At least one gotta go. She needed a stylist to tell her the orange suit didn’t need the pocket watch hanging from her crotch. The purple ensemble is my favourite but it could go without the ascot. My main advice: do less, Blake Lively. 

Blake’s commitment to her aesthetic is a pretty solid idea when it comes to press for the film though. She’s got people talking. That, combined with the fact that Henry Golding is going to smoldering all over this movie, it might actually have a shot at some decent box office numbers. Will you be going to see A Simple Favour? For Blake as Willy Wonka or Henry Golding abs?