If I had to choose a few words to sum up Blue Ivy Carter, the first ones wouldn’t be “normal” or “regular” or “relatable”. I’d probably choose words like “extraordinary”, “celestial”, or “prodigy”. Blue Ivy Carter is not like other six-year-olds. Her parents are two of the greatest artists to ever live. Her aunt is a walking fairy full of black girl magic pixie dust. Her grandmother is a famous fashion designer, Instagram star and the Queen Mother. Blue Ivy already has her own stylist and personal shopper. She is not like other six-year-olds. And yet, she’s shown us repeatedly that she’s still just a kid who is embarrassed of her family. 

Blue Ivy’s ability to give zero f-cks who her family members are and be ashamed of them in public is one of my favourite things about her – it’s the MOST relatable. Blue’s latest “OH MY GOD, MOM” moment happened with her grandmother, Tina Knowles aka Miss Tina. Miss Tina was documenting her trip to the ballet in Paris on Instagram, as she does, and Blue was not having it. In Miss Tina’s Instagram video, you can hear Blue’s voice politely telling her off. 


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“You’re not supposed to take videos, Grandma. You’re not supposed to!” 

DEAD. Blue’s like, “Listen Miss Tina, we are at the ballet in France! You and your Instagram obsession aren’t about to get us kicked out of here. I don’t care how many followers you have. Put your phone down.” 

In my experience, kids love telling other people about rules almost as much as they don’t like following rules themselves. My seven-year-old niece lives in a constant state of embarrassment over her mom, her grandma, her little brother, and only me sometimes because I’m the Cool Aunt and she LOVES telling us what not to do. It seems like Blue Ivy is the same way. Remember when Blue shushed Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the Grammys?

This is a peak Mom and Dad moment. In this moment, they aren’t Queen Bey and Jay-Z, King of Hip-Hop, they’re just some old peeps cramping their daughter’s style. Beyoncé’s brand is not approachable, she’s not the star who feels like she’s your best friend who just happens to be famous, like Gabrielle Union or Kelly Clarkson. That’s OK. Beyoncé is BEYONCÉ, an icon, a legend, a deity. Blue Ivy Carter is on her way to achieving the same unattainable status. She also may soon reach a level of fame and success where she’s just as protective of her image and her privacy as her mother. Our access to Blue’s unfiltered personality may be limited. For now, we get glimpses of Normal Blue Ivy, the kid who doesn’t idolize her family in the same way we do and acts like a regular kid when she’s around them. It makes me love her even more. 

Here are photos of Miss Tina and Blue Ivy sightseeing around Paris (Miss Tina also Instagrammed them at the Eiffel Tower and you can hear Blue in the background again.)


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I want Blue’s outfit. Are grown ass women over 30 still allowed to wear tutus? She’s wearing a Comme des Garçons jean jacket that I know I’m still allowed to rock but probably can’t afford. I just spent a whole post talking about how normal Blue Ivy is but when it comes to fashion, she’s back to being not-at-all-normal. Even though something tells me Blue picked out this outfit herself, without the help of her stylist (LOL), it probably costs more than my entire closet.