Look. I’m excited about this too. Or the idea of it. I’ve been trying to call this since July of 2017 when Charlize Theron was on Howard Stern talking about dating and, as I noted then, it’s a perfect pairing considering who they are and the places they occupy in Hollywood. For Brad Pitt, almost anyone after Angelina Jolie is a fame downgrade. Charlize Theron isn’t a fame downgrade. And the same applies to to Brad for Charlize. 

But I feel like we might have to slow our roll here. Because, well, the source. The source is the Sun in the UK which…you know how it is. They’re known from some shady sh-t. And it would be one thing if it were a UK celebrity but that’s not Brad and Charlize. So to think that they’d be at the Chateau Marmont supposedly “all over each other” a couple of weeks ago, during AWARD SEASON when everyone’s crawling around every hotspot all over town, even more than usual, and only the Sun in the UK got a hold of this like two weeks later and not any other outlet??? Sure. Anything is possible. I want this to be possible! But how possible is this, really, coming from the Sun?  

So far there’s been no follow-up on the story in PEOPLE or E! News or Page Six or even Us Weekly. No doubt they’re all trying to track it down. Because everyone wants this to be true. If it’s true, it’s a content generator, a headline creator, a traffic attractor. Brad + Charlize is good business for the business. Let’s just make sure it’s legit business?