I keep thinking Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood doesn’t open until August. It actually opens in two weeks, on July 26. Doesn’t have much competition that same week but, of course, it’ll be contending with The Lion King from the week before. A more specific audience, obviously, but the box office has been unpredictable this summer. Certain big movies haven’t delivered but there hasn’t been a mid-budget movie that’s surprised anyone at the box office either. Can Quentin Tarantino get it done? The reviews out of Cannes were very positive so the critics are behind it. But there’s also that 2 hour 45 minute runtime. Very curious to see how this movie will do. 

With two weeks to go, then, the final promotional push begins. Here are QT, Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio yesterday for a photo call and Q&A in LA. Brad, as you can see, is wearing what seems to be his 2019 uniform: grey tee over a long-sleeved white tee, over utility pants, and sneakers. No cap though. Good decision. Because his hair is really, really good right now. His parents really did him a solid with the hair thing with those hair genes. Would he have been able to maintain his allure if there had been hair changes? 

You think Leo worries about his hair? Has he already started not having to worry as much about his hair because he’s getting help with his hair? Famous women are constantly talking about their beauty treatments and men never do, even though it’s real, the hair angst and the aging angst happens for the men in Hollywood too. They just never admit it, with the exception of Rob Lowe. There is no way Rob Lowe’s the only one worrying about his hair. 

Among the four of them, it was Brad who was the goof in front of the press, at one point photobombing Margot Robbie with a leap across the shot. Brad is generally pretty loose and relaxed but it’s not like he’s George Clooney either with the jokes and the pranks. Then again, nobody takes themselves as seriously as Leonardo DiCaprio at these things. And next to Leo, Brad is practically a comedian. And youthful. That may have been unintentional but being that he’s a decade older, it’s Leo who feels more like the humourless uncle here. Even the pose, with Leo seated and Brad standing, seems to support that.