What kind of camera equipment does Brad Pitt have at home?!? There have been two episodes of [email protected] and no one has had the HQ shots that they managed for Brad Pitt. Not any of the cast members, not any of the guest performers, not Jimmy Fallon on any of his Tonight Shows from home (he’s NBC too) and most if not all the artists who’ve been participating in the online concerts. But there’s Brad on a proper locked off shot that looked pretty pre-pandemic, similar to the way John Oliver’s been shooting Last Week Tonight during lockdown. So did they send him a studio camera or did he just have one lying around? 


It’s been a couple of weeks since SNL’s first @Home episode and they’ve been able to make some improvements. You could tell, for example, that some of the hosts have been sent backdrops to facilitate green screens so that they can create the illusion that they’re somewhere else. Needless to say, all of this takes extra time, not just with the logistics of sending equipment and costumes to the talent but also having to edit their individual clips together to cut into one segment, overlaid with whatever graphics, either from the main NBC broadcast centre or from mobile edit suites at home. Where I work, for example, on both of our shows, some of our editors have been editing from their own personal hardware at home, and then uploading to dropboxes so that other editors can piece all the elements together before sending to master control. It has extended the production schedule in many cases. 

As for Brad Pitt, he has never hosted Saturday Night Live. He’s cameoed a couple of times but he’s never been a proper host. Do you consider what he did a proper hosting gig? If anything, it’s a semi-hosting credit, right? He was in the cold open, he introduced Miley Cyrus’s performance, but he appeared in no other sketches and he didn’t do the farewell, two critical functions of the standard SNL host. 

Brad showed up to recognise Dr Anthony Fauci and if you hadn’t heard, it’s because Dr Fauci said, with a chuckle, during an interview on CNN a couple of weeks ago when asked who he’d want to play him on SNL that he would obviously prefer Brad Pitt. Had it not been for that comment, Brad probably wouldn’t be the top candidate. It’s not like there are physical similarities and I wouldn’t say Brad’s made a career out of being a mimic. Still, he was there because he clearly respects Dr Fauci’s work and clearly does not respect the other guy’s work. 


How much do you think it’s busting Trump’s ass that the medical expert who’s been a pain in his ass all these weeks was played by the quintessential American Movie Star?! I imagine Lorne Michaels and Brad Pitt would be well aware of this, given that Trump has had so much to say about SNL over the last three years. 

So when this is all over, whenever that happens, will Brad and Dr Fauci make a joint appearance on SNL. If you know the show, you know they love to do this, whether it’s Hillary Clinton and Amy Poehler, or Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon or Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Bayer. Something to look forward to then, if they’re both willing. 

Would Brad be willing to stay for the whole show though and actually put in full hosting duties? It’s a five day minimum commitment when you count pitch meetings, rehearsals, promo shoots, photo shoots, digital shorts, interviews, etc. He’s never been down to do it (and they would have him NO PROBLEM) in the past, but COVID-19 has changed everything. Maybe we’ll see it one day. We’ll definitely see it before we see Leonardo DiCaprio doing it. Leo’s not coming out of this pandemic with a sense of humour.