One of the questions many of us were asking leading up to the Oscars had to do with Brad Pitt’s acceptance speeches; they were so sharp, the jokes so precise, that we wondered whether or not he’d hired a speechwriter – and there were some reports that his team had made some inquiries. 

Brad was asked about this on Oscar night. And he told Variety that no, there was no speechwriter, officially, but he did get an assist from some “very, very funny friends” who helped him “with some laughs". So who would these friends be? 

Jim Jefferies, Bob Oschack, and David Fincher. 

Right. So basically two professional comedians, who WRITE COMEDIC MATERIAL, and an acclaimed auteur, considered one of the most distinctive cinematic voices of the last 30 years. Not exactly the same as you and your best friend from high school who’s now an accountant or a dermatologist. These people are comedy PROFESSIONALS but, sure, let’s go with the version of the story that he did most of it by himself and they gave a little nudge here and there. I don’t want to sh-t on anyone’s party, and nobody should be taking on the Prom King at the party anyway. 

In other Brad news, yesterday we learned that Brad was at the Vanity Fair Oscar party and Jennifer Aniston went to the Netflix party but now we’re hearing that they both ended up at the Guy Oseary party afterwards and Jen congratulated Brad but it was a brief interaction and just friendly at that. Disappointed? 

No one’s saying you can’t keep hoping but there are some people who might be hoping for something else. Kathleen, for one, was all over the possibility of Brad with Regina King after she presented his Oscar to him. 


They would make a handsome couple. And a couple of months ago she said she’s single and dating. So are we shipping this or what?