When I posted last about Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid last week, I wondered whether or not they’d premiere themselves at the Oscars. Yesterday, according to Page Six, BCoop and Gigi will indeed hard launch this weekend. 


Sources say that while Bradley will attend the Oscars proper with his mother, Gloria, he and Gigi will hit up Vanity Fair together… although it’s unclear whether or not they will actually walk that carpet. I mean, Vanity Fair certainly hopes so. The two of them, on that step-and-repeat, for the first time, with the VF logo behind them is a big win for that event. 


The reporting is a bit misleading though. Page Six’s sources don’t come close to saying that a joint carpet appearance is certain – just that they’ll be at Vanity Fair. But, like, they’ve been at parties together before. They’ve been to plays together before. If going to an event together qualifies as a hard launch, they’ve already hard launched. If, however, a hard launch is more definitive, visually, like a social media post, or an actual pose in front of an audience, then sure, we’ve yet to see that… 

But is that what we’re getting? 


I say this because in these times, with all these social media expressions, there are no clear definitions! I’m a stickler and I’m old school. The key to a hard launch, in my mind, is intention. There are no accidental hard launches. When a couple hard launches, they are making a point, the A plot here is the confirmation, confirmation they themselves are actively confirming: that they are official, that they want the public to know they are official. 

So to go back to Bradley and Gigi – both are regulars at the VF Oscar party, they were always going to go. If they’re there on Sunday night, like every other celebrity in Hollywood, but aren’t posing knowingly for a photo together, it’s not a hard launch! Because there’s no intention behind them just going to a party! Are we fighting about this?! 

Attached - Gigi at the Miu Miu after party in Paris last night and Bradley out in New York the other day.