Bradley Cooper’s been seen in LA recently working on Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film. He was photographed this week in New York though and with Irina Shayk. As you can see, their daughter, Lea, is with them and they exchanged a warm hug before heading off in separate directions. I’m calling it a handoff hug but obviously there’s no knowing for sure that they were handing off, maybe Bradley stopped by for the morning parent wakeup routine. But this is not the point. The point is that over a year since their breakup, they seem to be quite amicable. They’re coparenting despite professional obligations that might pull them apart geographically, whatever personal issues there were that led to their split, and the new people in their lives. Irina is apparently dating Vito Schnabel. Coop is probably not dating Jennifer Garner although everyone wants him to be. By the way, distracting people from Jennifer Garner might be a way he camouflages another romance. We should learn from the Brad Pitt example, after all.


As for Bradley and work, he was shooting Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley right before the pandemic shut down everything in North America. They were only halfway through. Word is they’re hoping to resume production later this month in Toronto and go until December. 

PS. I have no elegant segue into this so I’ll just say it: he looks good in those pants.