Brad Pitt was seen in New York the other night leaving Bradley Cooper’s apartment. Last night he was at the National Board of Review gala accepting his award for Best Supporting Actor presented to him by Bradley Cooper. As I wrote yesterday, the two have been friends for some time, have friends in common, as well as sobriety, which Brad referenced when he went up on stage: 

“I got sober because of this guy” – that’s a new detail, isn’t it? I mean there were reports that Brad and Bradley were in AA together but, obviously, neither one of them has spoken publicly about each other’s recovery so it’s a pretty big statement, for Brad to reveal that Coop helped him quit drinking and is part of his sobriety support system. That’s a deep bond. 

You’ll note, Brad also namechecks George Clooney in his remarks and even approaches the stage with a little jig off the top. I mean, for a guy who hasn’t been “campaigning” for Oscars, who’s had a better allegedly unintentional and accidental Oscar campaign than Brad Pitt? And, as noted yesterday, it’s not like he has that much competition. At this point, it’s a sure thing…

Although no one wants to take any chances. So this is the Brad we get to enjoy for the next month – he jokes, he dances, he shares, he looks great, and he’s talking… a lot. Have you see this video? Brad’s telling Lynn Hirschberg about his first kiss, about his prom, about having crushes, I don’t remember him ever, ever, ever participating in this much media. But, you know, don’t call it a campaign