Fast & Furious 10, alternatively called Fast 10 or Fast10 but not FasTEN, is currently filming and still adding to the cast, as Vin Diesel took to Instagram to announce that Brie Larson is joining the franchise (in an unspecified role), following Jason Momoa’s addition earlier this year (he is playing a new villain, for the record). 


You have no idea how timeless and amazing she will be in our mythology. […] this profound soul who will add something you might not have expected but yearned for.


First of all, the way Vin Diesel talks about these movies remains hilarious. Second of all, what are YOU yearning for in the next Fast/Furious movie? They finally launched cars into space in the last one, I don’t know what’s left. Maybe like a scene of a meter attendant ticketing their super cars that they parked illegally on the street? Or maybe just some normal cops rolling up and trying to arrest everyone for breaking one million traffic laws during one of their missions? Copaganda is real and we do need to interrogate representations of policing on screen, but it would just be funny, at this late stage in the game, to see someone try to arrest Dom Toretto for like, running a red light. There’s a mini-gun in his passenger seat and a giant magnet in the back of a Lambo tricked out with rocket boosters and some road cop is like, “Sir, you were doing 210mph in a school zone.”

Jokes aside, good for Brie Larson, who publicly stated a desire to be in a Fast movie earlier this year. I’m sure all the dudes on YouTube still invested in pushing the narrative that everyone hates her and she’s constantly about to be fired from Marvel—The Marvels is due next year—are taking this news well and are definitely not being weird about Brie Larson joining the #Family.

Attached - Brie at the Daily Front Row's 6th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards last night.