In late 2021, Vin Diesel revived his boy sh-t with Dwayne Johnson, publicly entreating him to “rise to the occasion” and return to the Fast/Furious franchise for the “final” movie in the franchise—yeah right, like they’re going to abandon such a lucrative series—only to have Johnson shut him down very publicly on CNN. Well never mind, the #Family doesn’t need Dwayne Johnson! They have Jason Momoa now! Vin Diesel in no way lost face!


Yes, that’s right, Jason Momoa is in talks to join Fast 10, which is operating under the working title Fast & Furious 10. Really disappointed it isn’t titled Fasten Furious, not as egregious an oversight as not titling #8 F8te of the Furious, but still, who is titling these movies and why are they bad at their job? Anyway, the script is still “a work in progress”, according to The Hollywood Reporter, so no one really knows if Momoa’s role is with or against the #Family. If this is meant to be comparable to Dwayne Johnson’s place in the franchise, I’m sorry, it’s not. Momoa is popular, and moving up the movie star ranks, but Johnson is one of the most recognizable and beloved actors in the world. Jason Momoa isn’t at that level yet. But that should work out fine for Vin Diesel, who doesn’t like to be upstaged anyway (allegedly). 

As for returning cast, #Family members, Justin Lin will once again direct, and Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and Ludacris are returning, too. Sung Kang will also return, continuing #JusticeForHan, and Charlize Theron is expected to return as the bowl-cutted hacker, Cipher. She graduated from sitting to standing in the last movie, maybe this time she’ll actually walk around a bit.