Did you come here on Friday? Because I posted about this on Friday afternoon, checking in on Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Grace Moretz. Not only because they’d not been seen together since mid-March but because they’d not been seen on each other’s social media accounts in a while. And Brooklyn was on an angsty playlist. This is the peril when you live your love on social media. It’s great when the relationship is going well. With Gen Z though, it’s an unmistakable sign when the relationship isn’t going so well.

This weekend Brooklyn was photographed back in LA, where Chloe’s been based for the last month, only instead of hanging out with her, he was kissing someone else while getting a new tattoo. She’s Lexi Wood, a model. And now Chloe might be playlisting her own angst on Instagram:

Of all the songs to share from Cardi B’s new album, THAT ONE in particular? When your ex or estranged boyfriend has just been seen kissing someone else? Coincidence or conspiracy?

And speaking of the kissing… 

Brooklyn isn’t new to celebrity and paparazzi. He’s grown up in the spotlight. He’s existed in this space long enough to know when he’s being photographed BY THE WINDOW WHILE KISSING A GIRL. Almost like he wanted someone in particular to see? As if to say, look, I’m doing just fine without you. Which, of course, always means that no, actually, you’re not doing fine at all. Which is why I think that it was Chloe who broke up with him. It’s textbook.