Cameron Diaz retired from acting in the 2010s—just last year, she talked to Kevin Hart about her decision to step back from acting. The only acting credit since 2014 on her CV is the “Boss Bitch Fight Challenge” Zoe Bell put together during the lockdown last year. Well, maybe that taste was enough to reignite her interest, because Cammie D just ended her eight-year hiatus to make a new movie with Jamie Foxx. It’s an action-comedy called Back In Action for Netflix. Foxx and Diaz have previously worked together on the HIGHLY underappreciated Any Given Sunday—one of the grossest American movies I’ve seen, and also one of Diaz’s best performances—and the 2014 remake of Annie. Foxx broke the news via Twitter:


Is this an example of Tom Brady’s, er, humor? “You need a few tips on how to un-retire”? Man, I hope the writing for the Tom Brady comedy movie is a LOT better than this, because YIKES. I’ve seen week-old hospital tapioca with more personality. (I’m picking on it because you know this was a setup, and THIS is the best they can do?) Bradioca aside, I am VERY excited for Cameron Diaz to return to acting. Do I wish it was for something other than the Netflix content firehose? Yes. Any Given Sunday 2 (Any Given Monday?), a new Jamie Foxx/Michael Mann collaboration, or even a sequel to The Counselor, one of Ridley Scott’s more ambitious messes in which Diaz gives a KILLER performance. Just something that won’t get buried two days later by the six new movies and ten TV shows coming out at the same time. Still, content firehose aside, it’s exciting to have Cameron Diaz in front of the camera again. The Nineties really ARE coming back.