There was a Victoria’s Secret event in New York last night and, once upon a time, Leonardo DiCaprio would be all the way up in there. I used to picture like he was at an auction, with a paddle in his hand, bidding on whatever model was next to come down the runway. 


That was the Victoria’s Secret of over a decade ago, before the company was called out for its lack of representation after one of its executives (at the time) made transphobic remarks. But even without the controversy, Victoria’s Secret had already been on the decline. A woman by the name of Rihanna launched a brand called Savage x Fenty and exposed VS for its tired ass sh-t, and instead of doing shows, she presented her collections in the form of a short film streamed on Prime. 

Competition, however, can be a good thing. It can draw you out of your complacency and compel you to try something new, reset the table, which is what Victoria’s Secret is going for with The Tour. A trailer for The Tour has been released and the full presentation will be… available on Prime on September 26. 


Thank you, Rihanna. 


No more angel wings, but a wider range of models in racial background and body shape. Which, to go back to Leo, might be why he wasn’t there last night and not all that interested. And besides, he may have put down his paddle for the moment because there is currently a model in his life. 


Leo’s been seen frequently with Vittoria Ceretti lately. Since they’ve almost always with a group of people there hadn’t yet, until now, been anything slamdunk to confirm that they’re a thing. But Page Six just posted a video of the two from August 9, when they were at a club in Ibiza (where else?!) and the two look like they’re kissing. Even if they’re not kissing, Vittoria is definitely rubbing up on him – this isn’t a just friends situation. As for how long the situation will last… Vittoria is currently 25, she meets the requirement, and she still has ten months to go before she ages out. 

More importantly though, I think we can officially declare the end of Gigi’s Leo season? I would very much like it to be a new season for Gigi. And she’s been seen a few times lately with Cole Bennett