Leah Remini has some thoughts on how low-key Laura Prepon has been about quitting Scientology. At the same time, given the scary sh-t that Leah has shared with us about Scientology, is it possible that Laura might be afraid? I’m afraid and I’m not even a member. (Dlisted) 


Paris Fashion Week is happening and so far, at least in my feeds, it’s been a Cardi B takeover. There were a lot of stars at the Dior show too. My standouts are Elizabeth Debicki, taking a break from playing Princess Diana, in a black sack which I love but can’t afford and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo who is trying to convince me that I want those mesh sandals. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Zara Phillips’s husband, Mike Tindall, made a joke about what he and other members of the British royal family would like to do to Prince Harry and, yeah, coming from this dude, I’d expect this kind of joke. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t hate what Tyra wore on DWTS the other night. It’s a LOT. But she’s a LOT. And she’s a model. And clothes can sometimes be costumes. And the whole point of television is entertainment, a spectacle. So she’s bringing it. Don’t you think she wanted us to be talking about her this way? (OMG Blog) 

Today is National Coffee Day and I didn’t even know it when I posted about Brad Pitt’s coffee advertisement earlier. I probably didn’t know because I don’t drink coffee. I like the taste of a café au lait for sure but I don’t need coffee to get me started or to keep me going, ever. This is something Duana has never understood and it makes her angry. The way I can fall asleep any time anywhere makes her angry. (The Cut)