Cody posted earlier about Cardi B filing for divorce from Offset. Initially the paperwork showed that Cardi was asking for child support and sole custody of their daughter, Kulture. Now TMZ has an update:


“Cardi's officially filed the amended divorce docs, and they now say they want the court to enforce whatever arrangement she and Offset reach. Like we said ... she wants Offset to have joint custody and she will not seek support from him. In the new docs, she also "reiterates her desire for an amicable resolution."

As Cody noted in his post, Cardi’s decision apparently took friends and family by surprise as she and Offset were seemingly close all summer. Obviously one of the major factors here, which is not news to anyone, is his infidelity. But if it’s true that she’s hoping for an amicable split and that she doesn’t want to fight him on custody and money, it would suggest that she’s not reacting out of anger. 


Back in December 2018, during one of their breakups, I wrote that I did not expect it to stick. That sometimes you need several breaks before it will stick. Most of us have been there, non? Will it stick this time? My takeaway, given that she doesn’t want anything from Offset financially and that according to TMZ she’s “determined to have an amicable, co-parenting situation” is that she might be farther along in her stages of grief and closure than the public has been aware of.

These two have been through it. They’ve gone from one extreme to the other, there’s been so much spectacle, intensity, scandal – the default state for them has been volatile. Getting to a place of peace though, and aiming for an amicable vibe …is that a sign that she really might be over it? What does a free and clear, “WAP-era, single Cardi B look like?!