We haven’t played the Lainey Hotness Litmus Test™ in a while. If you’re a long time reader, you know this test as the Picture Him On Top Of You game. Usually, we don’t have to play this game with someone like Harry Styles. Usually, it’s reserved for douchebags or celebs that aren’t already beloved by millions of teenage girls. Lots of you are screaming at me right now that you’ve been picturing Harry on top of you for years, unironically. Well, Harry Styles has never done it for me. The teenager in me was somewhat interested in One Direction but I was always more into Zayn than Harry.

But Harry Styles released a new music video today and for the first time, I might be on Team Harry. The clip is a classic live performance video, simply showing Harry in front of a mic and with his guitar, singing Two Ghosts. Apparently, this is a stripped-down version of the original track that is rumoured to be about Taylor Swift. Ugh. Why is she everywhere? Reading that the song is maybe about Taylor just killed my vibe but before that, I was catching actual feelings watching Harry belt out “we don’t say what we really meeeaaaan.” Does this mean I’m a Harry Styles fan now? Is this going to be a problem?

Back in April when Sign of the Times dropped, Lainey called it a “sex symbol-making track.” It was strong enough to give him a post-boy band hit lead single off of an album that Variety named one of its Best of 2017 (So Far). So far, Harry Styles’ solo career is going really well. He’s solidified his sex symbol status even though he wears high-waisted, wide-legged pants I don’t understand like the ones he’s rocking in Two Ghosts. Musically, he’s joining the ranks of some of the industry’s most respected artists. He recorded this video at London’s famous Abbey Road Studio and he’s got a BBC special coming up in November that Adele and Michael Buble have recorded in the past. Plus, the dude surprisingly didn’t suck in Dunkirk. And now, when I picture Harry Styles on top of me, my reaction is a lot stronger than “meh.” He should be very proud of himself.

The Two Ghosts video is the first clip from Apple Music’s exclusive Harry Styles film Behind the Album: The Performances. If I was still a teenager, my girlfriends and I would already be scheduling a sleepover to squeal our faces off and watch this together. The film is coming in September. Who’s coming over?