Harry Styles turns 24 today. He’s not a January baby but I’ve decided not to hold this against him. I would have guessed I’d be over Harry by now since his album was underwhelming and I’m back on Team Zayn but as it turns out, my feelings for Harry have carried over into 2018. He’s still the only Hot Harry I recognize. 

I don’t quite understand what’s going on with his hair in these photos of Harry out with his girlfriend, model Camille Rowe, though. Is it the wind making it stand up like that or hair gel? What is happening? I wrote about Harry and Camille last September. Back then I was Gossip Genie-ing Harry and Zazie Beetz. I think I need to let go of that dream even though Harry and Camille still aren’t that serious, according to the Daily Mail, via The Sun. A source said, “The relationship is still fairly relaxed, he's hardly at the stage where they see each other every day.” As it should be. This sounds a lot more accurate than the rumours that Harry is ready to propose. He’s a 24 year-old rock star. Let him live. 

To commemorate Harry’s birthday, the Internet is full of “Harry’s Hottest Looks” slideshows, look-backs at his hair evolution (he should really go back to any one of these hairstyles) and fashion retrospectives today. I’ve now wasted way too much of my day looking at photos of Harry Styles. If he does it for you too, please also waste part of your day in a Harry Hole so I don’t feel alone in my procrastination. Think of it like it’s the birthday gift he would want. Thank you in advance. 

Also attached - Harry performing at an event to honour Fleetwood Mac in New York last week.