Dear Gossips,

It’s an exciting day for us here at LaineyGossip. We are thrilled to announce that Sarah Marrs, who has been contributing to the site as our film industry expert, will be stepping into a new expanded role as Deputy Editor. Sarah is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association, the Critics Choice Association, and the Online Film Critics Society. Going forward, she and I will share editing responsibilities and we’ll be working together to expand our coverage and content. 


LaineyGossip started as a newsletter in 2003 and then became a website in 2004. Back then, “blogging” was just entering the cultural lexicon. Most people didn’t even know what a blog was. It’s been 16 years and it’s wild to me that we can still do this – in large part due to the talent and generosity of our contributors past and present: Duana, Dean, Sasha, Hayley, Maria, Joanna, Kathleen, Prem, Melayna, Cody, Violeta, Anastasia, and Sarah. 

And … of course…you, the gossips who come here every day, who care about the story and the work, who have been graciously patient with us through our stumbles (there have been many!), and alongside whom we have grown and learned. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. 


So in celebration of Sarah and her new role, here’s the cast of Dear Evan Hansen at the Hollywood premiere last night…because if you’ve been visiting this site over the years, you may know that, well, musicals are hard for Sarah. Musicals might be the hardest part of Sarah’s job. To double down on my trolling of her, I’m also reposting the Cats trailer because I’m not sure she’s recovered from having to see the film a couple of years ago. Every few months or so I reread her posts on the Cats trailers and her eventual review of the film for sh-ts and giggles.


Thanks again to all of you for making LaineyGossip one of your gossip destinations. And thanks to Sarah for …seeing all the musicals. 

You can reach Sarah on Twitter @cinesnark and by email [email protected]

Yours in gossip,