In early April, it was reported that Channing Tatum and Jessie J broke up again. But then a couple of weeks later, they were seen together at her place and on a bike ride. She also posted this to IG stories on April 26 for his birthday: 

Channing Tatum on Instagram
Channing Tatum on Instagram

There was more coverage of the breakup story than the makeup story (it happened the same month) so I don’t know that a lot of people realised that the last we’d heard from them, they were ostensibly still together. And it’s been almost six months since there’s been any reporting on their relationship but since they no longer follow each other on Instagram, they’re definitely sitting on “off” right now and… also… this is a pretty obvious sign that Chan is single, from a few days ago: 

You know how Instagram works. If you’re showing off your goods like this, it’s basically your Tinder profile. Last time Channing and Jessie broke up he was on Raya so ... if we’re celebrity matchmaking for him, who’s your list? 


Here’s mine: 

Sienna Miller – they worked together on GI Joe years ago, I feel like there could be some chemistry there now? She’s recently single, she’s a parent, he’s single, he’s a parent. They both love a good time… possible? 

Sienna Miller and Channing Tatum arrive on a boat at HMS Belfast, London, to promote the new film G.I. Joe on July 22, 2009

Olivia Munn – they also worked together and looked good in their scenes in Magic Mike, right? Am I imagining that? Olivia and her last boyfriend, Tucker Roberts, broke up in August. 

Cardi B – I’m just saying, we know he can move and groove, and Cardi needs a man who can move and groove, do it proper. She’s single too. And these two would sizzle together. They’d also be a super-couple. 

Vanessa Hudgens – right?! If you told me tomorrow that Channing Tatum and Vanessa Hudgens were hooking up, I’d be like… yeah, that makes sense to me. I can see it. They’d be hot together. Their social circles don’t seem to be too far off. She knows what it’s like to be in the spotlight, as a spotlight couple. But if that’s the criteria… then maybe this is the best candidate…

Miley Cyrus – this would be explosive gossip. Imagine the heat? And I don’t think Chan would want to mute her or try to dial down her wildness. He’d probably lean into it. On fame status, they’re pretty parallel too. Also, Liam Hemsworth would NOT appreciate. 

Your turn!