US Weekly wrote a story about Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons and I don’t like it one bit. The story is positive but this is not their style. They are not feeding stories to US Weekly. And I don’t want any tabloids on their tail because they are great. In the wise words of Demi Lovato: GET A JOB. STAY AWAY FROM HER.


Connie Britton did all the work to attend the Emmys but a weather situation and needing to get to New York prevented her from actually attending. She even had her shoes on! I really like the dress by Toni Maticevski. A red head in pink? Great combo. 


Oh my gosh Kyle MacLachlan has a cute Twitter account, I don’t think he knows it’s a bot farm hellscape now. He’s just posting his little videos. 

Pitchfork has been folded into GQ, which means massive layoffs. A familiar and sh-tty story. To see some fandoms celebrating because they have not liked an album rating or story about their fave, is exactly what’s wrong with the relationship between critics, artists and consumers. 


When we lose these kind of pieces, we miss so much critical context that actually enhances the art. We are losing it in film, in music, in celebrity profiles. It’s dwindling and because fandoms only want to see glowing, over-the-top positive or “gotcha” hot takes, the audience for this kind needs to actively search out these journalists and pieces or they will be lost forever. And when there’s so many corporate incentives to discard these kinds of writers and publications, it’s so challenging. 

(Note from Jacek: And these same fandoms also do everything possible to block ads, use browsers or settings that prevent decent ad targeting, and want to get everything on the internet for free because they don't want to think about the fact that, guess what, either YOU pay for it directly or the ads do. That's my rant.  I get triggered when I read about more publications shutting down). 


Jacek was very saucy yesterday in What Else? (and clearly I'm saucy again for a different reason) and posted pap photos of Lori Harvey even though she was not mentioned in the column because, as he wrote, “This has nothing to do with any of the links in this post, but I’m posting so I can attach photos as I please.” Go off, Jacek! This one is for him: the Biebers celebrating Lori’s birthday and I think JB even gave a toast. Lori  and Hailey have been tight for a long time.