The Madonna biopic is dead at Universal – not “paused” or “on hold” or “being retooled.” It’s over, which makes me think Madonna pulled the plug. She is such a perfectionist that a world tour and biopic at the same time would be too much, especially if she is directing. I wonder how the bootcamp participants, particularly Julia Garner, who ultimately won the lead role, feel about it. 


Cara Delevingne posted this (without credit to the original video), but the reason I stopped scrolling is because there’s a comment from Beau Casper Smart, who some of us know as JLo’s ex. They dated for two and a half years and it seems like a lifetime ago but I wonder if, when she and Ben decided to reconcile, how much ex talk there was. Beau cheated on her more than once. That was a low point for our girl. Whew. We went through it with that one. 


Michael Imperioli’s wife, Victoria, is an interior designer and please look at the photos in Architectural Digest. Their home is wildly ornate and lavish and decadent – no minimalist beige or modern farmhouse here. And this styling was not done for a one-day photoshoot as they have lived in several homes over the years, including a Tribeca apartment (this is from 2003), and a home in Santa Barbara (this is from 2020). The décor is consistently decadent. 


Does it feel like the first batch of TikTok stars has kind of fallen off? It seems like the Addison Raes and Di’Amelios haven’t crossed over into the mainstream and my theory is that it’s because they can’t crack TV. TV is a huge content generator – look at how much press Bravolebrities, Housewives, Duggars, 90 Day Fiancé and Bachelor contestants get. TV is a great unifier and TikTok is not. Influencing is lucrative with their numbers, but online popularity is even more fleeting than reality TV fame.


Pamela Anderson’s ex “husband” of 12 days (I put the husband in quotes as it is unclear if they ever legally married) is leaving her $10 million just because. Because she’s Pamela f-cking Anderson! 


Julie Bowen shoots her shot and this made me think of The Idea of You, which is based on fan fic and will star Anne Hathaway. I will very much watch that.