This morning Lainey wrote about Harry and Meghan dropping an exclusive to PEOPLE but do you know who else dropped an exclusive, completely unexpectedly, on social media? Lea Michele. Apparently she got married! I know, it’s a surprise. How has she managed to hold it all in so well. And her wedding announcement isn’t even about herself but her best friend Jonathan Groff; she used a picture from her own wedding to wish him a Happy Birthday. Of. Course. She. Did.


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Cardi B, like many of us, is streaming Tiger King. But she got distracted. How are you going at it with Joe Exotic’s music playing in the background?

In more Tiger King news, Kate McKinnon will be playing Carole Baskin in a miniseries (she signed up before the documentary came out), which will be based on a podcast. I just don’t know what more we can get out of this story. Yes it is completely insane and the characters are outrageous, but how will that translate to fiction?

What could be made up that is more compelling than what’s happened in real life? Kate’s SNL colleague Chloe Fineman has been practicing her Carole and pretty much has it nailed. 


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PEOPLE bought exclusive photos for Jenna Dewan’s baby, which is surprising because with social media, I would think baby photos have lost a lot of their value. And her husband isn’t household-name famous, so not sure who thought this was worth the money. In this economy?


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Dakota Johnson has her own Instagram account, but this was posted on Olivia Wilde’s. Chris Martin went from running away from Gwyneth Paltrow to dancing in the street with Annabelle Wallis and making Instagram videos with Dakota. Coldplay’s popularity has cooled considerably over the last few years and the band is not where they once were (they didn’t tour the last album for environmental reasons) so separate of these women, he probably wouldn’t get papped a lot. Yet, interestingly enough, he always seems to date famous actresses, like Jennifer Lawrence.


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Making the Cut has debuted and the cast of judges is incredible – Naomi Campbell, Nicole Richie, Joseph Altuzurra, Carine Roitfeld – and it’s hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. But the reviews are, to steal a pun from TV Guide, sew sew. These shows are alchemy, there’s a magic to putting together a good reality show and a good competition show. Sometimes, big names and a Bezos budget aren’t enough. Anyone remember Styled To Rock? It was hosted by Rihanna and lasted one season.


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