Mindy Kaling took to the picket lines and it’s important because she is in a unique position: she is a writer first, but also an actress and producer. She creates shows and would presumably have a big say in how the writers’ rooms are staffed. It may seem like a no-brainer for her to support the strike but some in her position are hiding and waiting it out. I can appreciate that she is out there showing her face. 

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Shonda Rhimes is a one-name wonder in TV and her shows make networks and streaming sites millions of dollars every year. Do you think Shonda Rhimes wants an AI chatbot taught to mimic her writing style to be the future of television?


Mariah Carey knows she entertains on social media so of course she took on her own song trend. But, as an aside, she looks amazing. No one wears the top button of their jeans undone like Mariah Carey!!! 

Joe Manganiello has officially filed for divorce from Sofia Vergara and the date of separation is listed as July 2, a few days after she posted a throwback and less than a month after this trip to NYC. One of the things that tipped us off to the split was his birthday post to her – it was a grainy photo and simple caption. 


As I pointed out at the time, there are hundreds of photo options he could have chosen, so why such low quality? And looking back at it again, he’s in the photo as well. Why not just post a good shot of her? If you know you are separating, why be in the picture at all? My guess it’s a sentimental photo because it’s candid and looks like it was taken on a smartphone. So then the question is, was this what he had in his roll or is there more to it? I continue to be slightly intrigued by the timing of it all. 


Lindsay Lohan has reportedly given birth and we have not seen the baby or her and this is the real celebration!!! Wherever she is, whatever her day to day looks like, it does not involve us. And while she didn’t go underground during pregnancy – she did some sponcon on Instagram and posted a few selfies – it’s pretty low-key. 

Vanderpump Rules is back filming and some fans are upset the cast is filming with Tom Sandoval and I’m sorry but this is silly. It’s a TV show! They are in a cast and must film together. It’s their job and they do it. Separate factions doesn’t work. It doesn’t work in regular TV (remember The Good Wife fiasco?) or in reality TV. On another note, Lukas Gage had dinner with Katie and Stassi and you know that before he hit it big he was in these circles. He’s too pretty not to be. Author Colleen Hoover was there too. You just know they talked about Scandoval. How could they not. 


Jungkook x Oasis – Lainey and I are colliding!

Speaking of Oasis, Liam sends his regards to Noel (again).