If you’ve been following the Alison Roman/ Chrissy Teigen story (Lainey and Duana are breaking  it down this week on Show Your Work) and are familiar with online “cancellation,” then you probably knew a second apology was coming. We could talk about the machinations of this all damn day because it’s very layered – celebrities, lifestyle driven capitalism, race, corporate feminism. There’s a lot to unpack. But I want to take it back to before this all started when the interview first came out. I follow a lot of media people on Twitter (prominent writers/ editors) and many, so many, tweeted about the interview with glee before the chatter started. The writer of the piece called it “bold and funny” and then edited a quote without a note, only to add one when reporter Caroline Chen pointed it out. When social media started pointing out the Chrissy Teigen/ Marie Kondo stuff, most of her media friends immediately and flippantly rushed to her defense. Since her first apology, most have been quiet but if you look at the second apology on Instagram, there’s so many blue checkmarks telling her she’s doing the work. Is it a coincidence that 99% of them are white women who are absolving her of something that has nothing to do with them? 


The reason I point all of this out is that it’s important to note that so many of our favourites, so much of the work we link to and read and share because it shapes our culture, is written by people who read that initial interview and saw it as a celebration of Alison’s “unfiltered” opinions (oooh, she’s so sassy!) and didn’t see that it came at the expense of two Asian women. (For the record, I don’t think Alison was being unfiltered at all – it read like someone who has thought and talked a lot of sh-t privately about Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo.)

So Future might be my new Liam Gallagher. Can’t get enough of his Twitter.


It’s almost an unfair to compare this generation of models to the original supermodels because damn – these faces!!!!! 

Ms. Tina posted about Jack Dorsey and his work alongside Beyoncé’s Beygood for mental health initiatives. It’s interesting that Mark Zuckerberg is widely disliked and Elon Musk is a punchline, but Jack Dorsey has turned his image around from a Soylent-loving tech bro to a leader in philanthropy. 


Twitter keeps finding these insanely cringe clips from the Tyra Banks Show and ANTM - she’s noticed and couldn’t give one single f-ck. You can’t cancel someone who doesn’t care.

Katy Perry’s Daisies is coming out Friday so I don’t know how this fits into the Swiftie theories of the number 13 and all the other math they are doing. They are probably right and we will know soon enough – like Lainey said, Taylor doesn’t leave bows untied and neither does Katy. (Side note: will Katy name her daughter Daisy?)