The biggest story in social media today is Jennifer Aniston joining Instagram, which Lainey wrote about here. Jen was one of the biggest holdouts and as Lainey mentioned, there’s now a short list of A-listers who don’t partake: Brad, Angelina, George, Sandra, Keanu. Then there are the ones you don’t expect to be on it, like Joaquin Phoenix and Winona Ryder. There are also a good number of younger stars, like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart, who abstain - at least publicly. Chances are they have private accounts under pseudonyms. What I would love to read is a deep dive into how Instagram works with celebrities on their handles.

For example, Jen got @jenniferaniston. Was Instagram holding it for her? Because that isn’t always the case – Courtney Cox has to use the second-tier “official” in her handle: @courtneycoxofficial. 


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Public proposals are always a little iffy, but if Brie Larson is there to narrate the experience with these facial expressions it is a win.

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are working on podcast about The Office and want a reunion, which is understandable as it was probably an amazing job to have. A documentary style, “where are they now” storyline could work. But the problem with The Office is that so many key players (including Steve Carrell) quit and it did not end on a high note.

For a reunion to satisfy fans, it would need to take place in the world before season seven, the Michael Scott universe. It is possible – Will & Grace ignored the original ending to reboot. I think the holdouts would be the biggies, Steve Carrell, John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak.


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Ordering pizza to the table at a luncheon held by a women’s magazine is its own kind of flex.


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I kind of love that Jake Gyllenhaal is up on all the Bieber news. (Which means he is definitely up on all the Taylor Swift-Bieber-Scooter Braun drama.)


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And about the Biebers, there are more photos of Hailey in a Vera Wang gown. I think this is my favourite, with the sneakers. 


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Can’t really blame John Mayer for being a little parched when it comes to Harry Styles. This photo may not have been taken specifically for Instagram, but it’s exactly where it belongs.


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