Instagram couple captions about “my person” or “we did a thing” are played out to the point where they’re almost ironic. Sarah Paulson paid tribute to Holland Taylor in a deep, profound, gushing but not at all trite post. It’s about Holland and it’s about Sarah’s appreciation of Holland. 


To be honest, I can’t keep up with the FastX updates (or as it’s called online, Fast-ten Your Seatbealts) but I think Jason Momoa was already introduced to the franchise. Are people going to get mad if I point out the obvious here: these two look hot together. 

Former InStyle editor Laura Brown (she left very quietly in February) is a friends with a lot of celebrities who made the trek to Hawaii for her wedding (like Christy Turlington and Naomi Watts). She wore Valentino, as did another high-profile recent bride (Nicola Peltz). The dresses could not be more different. I’m into the pink dress and the two-piece with the long veil. A lot of wedding dresses are about decorum and tradition, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for individual style. This is a dress for Laura.


Lainey covered all the looks at Gigi Hadid’s birthday party and just as those picture came out, Frankies Bikinis dropped its collaboration with her. Excellent timing to capitalize off of all the press her birthday generated and I wonder whose team came up with this marketing plan.


Have you heard about the coastal grandmother trend? TikTokker Lex Nicoleta came up with the term to explain the Nancy Meyers/Ina Garten/Martha Stewart aesthetic of expansive kitchens with white cabinets, cashmere sweaters and Le Creuset as a way of life. Anne Hathaway is into it and we know Nancy is making a new movie for Netflix (unless they cancel it because they are in the financial dumps). Anne and Nancy worked together on The Intern, but I’d like to see Anne have another crack at it. Maybe as a burned out divorcee from New York who is forced to take over her grandfather’s abandoned B&B in Nantucket. 


Drew Barrymore really went in for this Earth Day ad. Like she put herself out there for it. I… kind of don’t get why she would go this hard for Garnier. The camera work and lighting are not great and the tub is kind of small. I understand that Drew is easy going and low-maintenance and real, but where’s the budget.