Sheryl Lee Ralph spoke about the rumours about her marriage – I guess people are questioning whether or not they live together and why. Well, Sheryl explains why: she films in LA and he is a senator in Pennsylvania. Case closed.


“Rizz” is the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year (I had no idea it was short for charisma?!) and with two tweens, it’s a word I hear a lot. Mostly they use it ironically so I don’t know how legit it is as a proper slang word. Anyway, if I chose the Word of the Year it would be “parasocial” because we can’t get away from these thorny relationships between stans, fandoms and celebrities. I want to post this video not because it’s about Beyoncé specifically (though it is about Beyoncé) but because of how @plsleaveamsg breaks down how many people interact with celebrities and social justice causes. You can apply what @plsleaveamsg and @tblizzy say to many big artists, from Taylor Swift to Harry Styles. Fans who consume their art can be OK or not OK with the silence, but the idea that major artists have “contractual” reasons not to speak out on their beliefs doesn’t hold water. It is, to quote this video, infantilizing. Especially for the artists who pride themselves on being in control of their careers. If they wanted to, they would.


#stitch with @tblizzy Let’s get back to judging people for their actions (or inaction), rather than who we want to believe they are. #fypシ #freepalestine🇵🇸❤️

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The Rock visited the Pentagon and spoke about… what exactly? For someone who toys with politics, he isn’t very clear on his positions. That’s the point – he’s for everyone all the time. But at what point does he need to declare a stance on something? Anything! How does The Rock feel about paper straws? Let’s start with that.


DeuxMoi is all over the headlines because of Taylor Swift BUT I’m more intrigued by the possible scoop on The White Lotus casting. So far, names floated include Elisabeth Shue (very much in favour) and, and this is big IF true, our number one boy Jeremy Strong. I miss these two.


Oh this is interesting: Taylor Sheridan’s ranch is suing Cole Hauser (who plays Rip on Yellowstone) for trademark infringement over Cole’s coffee company branding. It’s been filed in court so I’m assuming a cease and desist came before the lawsuit. If they were still filming when this disagreement started, can you imagine how awkward that would be?!


Sean Diddy/Love Combs has released his first statement and it’s a denial and vow to fight. So we will see if he goes the countersuing route pioneered by Johnny Depp.