As Lainey mentioned, the British Fashion Awards' red carpet was outstanding, as was each outfit worn by host Jodie Turner-Smith. It’s quite a contrast from the People’s Choice Awards, which is not a couture red carpet. It’s a little more… flashy. If the British Fashion Awards are London, the People’s Choice Awards are Las Vegas. 


The People’s Choice Awards is also a mix of celebrities, from A-list (Ryan Reynolds showed up to accept in person) to reality TV stars like the Real Housewives and Selling Sunset cast. This clip of Kathy Hilton applying lipstick while Mariska Hargitay accepts her award is already going viral. It seems like Kathy thought she was off-camera and I feel like the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song should be playing. 


Nia Long and Ime Udoka have broken up following his cheating scandal, which is no surprise as it was so flagrant. But it got me thinking about workplace affairs, which were a huge gossip story this year from The Try Guys to GMA. Workplace affairs happen in every industry and civillians only have so many outlets to call out their cheating partner (like Facebook or in the family group chat) and for celebrities, it’s in Page Six or US Weekly. Like every gossip story, there’s a reflection of values and that is why I think some people treat celebrity cheating as an afront to their personal values. It brings up a lot of strong feelings. There’s so much debate around whether or not people who have workplace affairs can (and should) be fired and then there’s layers to that – who was in a position of power and how did it affect their work? As Twitter loses steam and Reddit becomes an increasingly popular place to share advice, opinions and the collective moral high ground (especially the /@aita [am I the asshole], /@relationshipadvice and pop culture subreddits), the public floggings will become harsher because according to Reddit, cheating is akin kicking a puppy or stealing a senior’s pension cheque. It is the worst thing a person can do, and if someone does do it (or even knows someone who cheats) they are sentenced to death by downvotes.


Blake Shelton has left The Voice and it might be because between music and his new show Barmageddon, he wanted to lighten his schedule. That’s where this PEOPLE cover comes in (I swear he must move this magazine because they love him), but instead of the focus being on work, it’s about his role as a stepdad and husband. And you know what? I’m not mad at it! It’s common to hear a woman talk about balancing her career and kids but this is something Blake brings up that is important to him. And the only way he can manage it is by cutting back so he can physically be there and not let the kids down. He talks about sweatpants and binge watching Netflix with Gwen Stefani and as Lainey always says, sometimes boring is good. Remember when JLo called Ben “consistent”? I get the feeling that for Gwen, Blake is very consistent.