Miley Cyrus’s new album Plastic Hearts is out and she’s celebrating success by thanking everyone who worked on her album, from producers to songwriters to mixers. Usually this is done in an album liner – remember those? But now that a lot of us forgo physical copies for downloads, Miley is still finding a way to publicly thank her collaborators, something that often gets overlooked in the promotion process. 


Mark Ronson would have made a very crush-worthy VSCO boy.


When Jada Pinkett Smith got caught up in a public entanglement, she tweeted, “There’s some healing that needs to happen…so I’m bringing myself to The Red Table.” It became an instant hit on Twitter, a phrase that gets used when public “healing” needs to happen after a scandal, both as a joke and a call for more. As we know, Jada creates a safe space (she was the first person to have Jordyn Woods on her show to make sure the Kardashians didn’t use their collective power to destroy a young Black woman). Now Jada is bringing Olivia Jade to The Red Table, a very smart move on Olivia’s part. Jada is a celebrity and mother, so she will have an understanding of the family dynamic. Jada is also highly empathetic, not looking for a gotcha or headline, so it will be candid but not damaging. You know who should take it to The Red Table? Pastor Carl Lentz.  

A quiche stuffed inside a baguette?! Her mind.

Can I be sincere for one moment? I love Billy Eichner and Mariah Carey together. There’s something about his raucous (in her words) energy and her “have my security carry me across the street” diva schtick that works so well, they really complement each other. We can have this friendship, as a treat. 

The only “it” fashion item of 2020 has been sweatpants, but an unexpected hit (at least to me) is Crocs. I feel like they are everywhere and almost… fashionable? Or at least we are being told they are fashionable. There’s a virtual line for the Post Malone x Crocs drop. 

January Jones frequently jokes that her Instagram posts are a cry for quarantine attention, so the National Enquirer didn’t have to do much digging here.

“Big wars…?” killed me. And yes, there will be an alien called Jason. There are Jasons everywhere.