Daily Mail has some photos of Ben Affleck trying to get out of an extremely tight parking space. It was so stressful, he took a smoke break. I’m not here to dunk on Ben. Kudos to him because not only was he dealing with the car, but also knowing that he was being photographed while trying to get it out. If I walked up to my car and it was sandwiched in a spot like that, I’d take an Uber home and deal with it later. 


Per the report, Ben gently nudged the cars in front and behind (I call that a love tap) and after several attempts made it out. Who is at fault for this parallel parking anxiety dream? It’s tough to say as it all comes down to the order the cars were parked in but my guess is as Ben was the middle spot, it’s not him. 


Billions is spinning off into multiple shows set in different cities and the series has gotten a little stale (no surprise after six seasons). But here’s an interesting twist: Damien Lewis is returning. I haven’t watched any episodes since he left (and because of his wife’s passing and the amount of time he was working on the series by then, his exit totally made sense). I’m really surprised he is rejoining the show. I’m not excited enough to catch up on what I missed but I am excited enough to watch new episodes because of him. 


According to reports at TMZ, Tom Brady continues to be the most divorced guy to ever get divorced and he is considering a roast (for himself) on Netflix. This reminds me of The Office episode in which Michael Scott plans his own roast. (Season 5, episode 14 and 15 – it’s part of the fire safety episode and it originally aired after a Super Bowl.)


Hailie Jade (Eminem’s daughter) is an influencer who still manages to maintain a private life because her Instagram is very polished and anyone who spends time online can recognize this kind of glossy aesthetic. Her job is about to ramp up as she is engaged (which is a Super Bowl for influencers) and of course the headline is that her fiancé asked for her dad’s blessing. Two things: he says he did it when Em went downstairs to get Hailie’s birthday cake, which tells me that Eminem has a secondary fridge in the basement (big immigrant parent energy!). Second, how did he ask? “Mr. Slim Shady sir…” 


This style collaboration surprised me – it’s Drew Barrymore for Victoria Beckham. I think Drew has nailed a “chic professor” wardrobe on her talk show (a lot of Celine, Gabriela Hearst, Stella McCartney, Chloe, Max Mara, Carolina Herrera). The VB line does consistently feature maxi skirts and long-sleeve dresses in line with Drew’s looks but per the style notes, this is a take on Grey Gardens, with Drew as Little Edie. It’s a very specific style lane. (Also, the commentor who is taking Victoria Beckham to task for featuring Drew Barrymore instead of the real Little Edie might want to check Wikipedia.)